ACC Legislator Report Narrative

Arizona Conservative Coalition Republican Legislator Rankings
Legislative Actions as of 6/14/2013
Last Updated 6/28/2013


The number of bills being tracked is 292 plus 6 Strike All amended bills. The last week of the session is a flurry of activity. We reviewed the bills voted on during the last week and added some bills based on that review. Most were bills with significant amendments during the last week, but some were bills flying under the radar that we did not notice until they were voted on the final week of the session.
The Governor’s score will be published separately next week due to her final actions on the last couple of bills occurring this week. We want a chance to review her score before releasing it.
We are gratified that some Republican legislators distinguished themselves as solid conservatives. At the same time, we are very disappointed with the number of legislators scoring low enough to be classified as RINOs.  We hope that there will be a substantial improvement among most Republican legislators in the next session and that some of the laws passed with the help of RINOs don’t cause too much damage to the people of Arizona.
These are the final scores for the legislators this year.
In addition to the Governor’s score, we will be releasing more analysis based on the legislator evaluation over the course of the next several months.

Bills having a significant negative impact on scores remove significant limitations on school district spending, allow executive agencies to set fees in order to bypass limitations on the legislature raising taxes or fees, or increase government regulation of businesses.
Many Republican legislators have argued that good business regulations that “make people do the right thing” are good. This, unfortunately, is almost a perfect definition of fascism which Republicans traditionally oppose. There are always situations where we might wish others would deal with us on terms of our choosing when they are not willing to do so. Using government to force people to deal with us on our terms rather than mutually agreed upon terms is tyranny even if it is dressed up as consumer protection or professional responsibility or trying to improve market efficiency. Of course, in a free economy, people can decide for themselves what is good and make decisions on that basis as both consumers and businesses. Also, government regulations usually have unintended consequences that are usually bad. These consequences are then used to justify still more regulation when less regulation is the best solution.


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