Creating Minecraft Fence and Workbench in 2 Steps

In Minecraft, a fence is a type of block is special because of some reasons. First, it automatically attaches to most of the other blocks that are in the game, when they are placed next to each other, or be used as a post if placed alone. The second is that it has a height of 1 block and a half, which means that monsters or animals (except spiders) can not jump over it.They can be made of wood or brick, and they can be found or that occur in structures that form naturally.

minecraft fence and workbench

Method 1 March: Manufactures a wooden fence


Gather your materials.


  • 1 wooden board, 4 wooden boards, or at least 6 rods.
  • Put the timber in your window manufacturing and drag tables to your inventory.
  • Put the wooden boards in your inventory, one above the other half.
  • Collect all the rods. Check here for Minecraft Workbench.
  • Two rows of rods placed one above the other.
  • Drag your new fence to your inventory.

Method 2 March: Manufactures brick fence Nether

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Board June 24 abyssal rocks or bricks blocks Nether
  3. Melt 24 stone blocks for Nether Nether bricks
  4. Nether bricks placed on a 2×2 square on your desk.
  5. Place 2 Nether rows of bricks on each other.
  6. Drag your new fence bricks Nether your inventory


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