Bigg Boss Vote – Tamil and Telugu

Bigg boss is a star TV entertainment series which was officially released as Big brother in other countries and now it was first time launched in Tamil Nadu. The main reason behind not releasing these kind of series is that “Culture”. TN culture is very strict and they don’t encourage these kind of shows which are against their culture. Additionally the leading party in India BJP and it’s tied up parties like RSS, Hindutva has a strict policies of these kind of activities and they had filed a case on Kamal – the host of the show and on Vijay TV along with those contestants.

Bigg Boss Vote

Being ¬†said that Bigg Boss is making people to engage with the show by making them to vote online. That is they can select their personal favourite contestant and if they are in the verge of eviction list then they can go to google and type “Bigg Boss Vote” and they can cast their vote for them.

bigg boss memes

If the vote is higher then they are in safe zone. Now this craze has touched the Telugu drama industries as well and they’re hosting the same show with Jr. NTR as anchor.

Let’s see how it goes and if Telugu people are able to accept what’s going on in the cameras or they stand against the show like Tamil Industry. Time says it all. To know the list of ¬†Bigg boss telugu contestants then you can check the above link. Thanks for reading the post, to tell your view whether it encourage or discourage the culture comment below.

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